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A mobile robot with arduino and Lego


Design of a mobile robot based on arduino compatible with Lego pieces.


To design of a mobile robot based on arduino compatible with Lego pieces in order to be able to be used in educational centers, from schools to universities.


The mobile robot includes two fixed wheels coupled to motors of direct current, a contact ball, SR-04 ultrasonic sensors, infrared CNY70 sensors and light sensors. It also includes processing unit based on Arduino Nano v3.0, set battery, a disconnection switch and bluetooth communication module to control the robot remotely.

You can find them here the source code of the file OpenScan and the STL files to print it with a 3D printer:

3D printing:

Download the STL files and print them.

(Suggested) printing parameters:

Layer height (mm): 0.3

Wall thickness (mm): 0.8

Upper and bottom part thickness (mm): 4.2 (very important, to avoid breaking of the top cylinders)

Filling: 15%

printing speed (mm/s): 30

No support

No sticky material needed on the bed

The robot base

The base of the robot consists of a plate of 11 x 19 Lego pin with a stand in the central area to fix the Arduino Nano v3.0 I/O expansion module, as shown in the following figure:



Battery and disconnection switch

The block is designed to insert a 9V battery (required to power the Arduino Nano v3.0 I/O expansion module) and a lever disconnection switch. It is intended to be inserted at the bottom of the base. Below are the images of the designed block:

battery9V & interruptor_lego20150701_125418


Module Bluetooth HC-05

HC-05 bluetooth module is connected to RX and TX arduino’s pins and provides arduino a wireless serial interface. To be able to communicate with the module from another bluetooth device, you just have to pair it the first time, it should appear as a serial device. The following images show the support for HC-05 designed bluetooth module:




The robot includes two motorized wheels fixed based on this design and a contact ball wheel. Below are some of the images both motorized wheels and contact ball wheel:

pololu_lego pololu_lego_ruedamarble_caster


Sonar sensors

The robot can include several sonar sensors based on this design.


HC-SR04,lego,3d printing

Light sensors

The robot includes two light sensors based on this design.



Infrared sensor

The robot can also incorporate infrared sensors for, for example to track a line on the floor. In this link you can find assembly instructions:

CNY70, openscad

CNY70, lego, 3d printing

Below are examples of the complete robot mounted with different configurations:

Without title20150703_153724

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