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Publishing posts on this blog is primary focused to students and teachers/lecturers/professors who would like to show their results in their academic projects/assigments. In any case, it is not allowed to publish assigment solutions that can be copied for forthcoming students, since this is not the aim of this blog.

As students, it is very convenient to publish a post and do it properly, because nowadays, companies are not only interested in your degree, they are also interested in knowing all your activities at a glance, and publishing is exactly this.

Register as user of this blog (suscriptor) and then send an email to larmesto@idf.upv.es including your name, user name and a short description of the kind of post you are interested in publishing for the first time (the remainder of times is not necessary, but you can send me an e-mail too). Default publishing license is Creative Commons By. If you are interested in other license type, please just tell me.

Publishing style:

This blog is focused to education in all their aspects or even self-taught people. It is needed that your post includes as much as possible information to reproduce your results, taking into account that most of the people will not have or use the same materials than you did.

The language can be that one that you feel most comfortable and I will try to translate if necessary.

The title must be appropriate and atractive to bring attention to your audience. Attach an image (thumbnail) that will be shown together with your title.

This blog, like many other, use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which means that it allows to introduce META TAGs so that search engines can find your entry easily. This implies that you can specify how your title is shown (60 characters max.), a short description (160 characters max) and which keyword you would use if, for example, they were introduced in Google to bring your post the first entry.

Images and videos must have a acceptable quality an they must be original (as long as possible or cite your source). To include images, upload them first and then attach the object (there’s a button for this purpose). Videos can be uploaded to youtube o similar servers and linked in the post (on the description of the video you must include a link to www.robotica.webs.upv.esy.es or the url of your post indicating where they can find more information).

Include your file attachments (programing code, design files, etc…) and indicate the program you used. For that purpose, you must upload the file first (New->File) and then include in your text:

[wpdm_package id='xxx']

where “id” is the file identification number (you will see it when uploaded).

In the particular case of printing job files, the most appropriate procedure is to upload files to thingiverse (or similar), since they have much more visibility. In this case, you can introduce a link your thingiverse url. In a similar manner, introduce a link to http://robotica.webs.upv.es or your post url indicating where they can find more information in your thingiverse project.

Include and specify the materials you used (take into account that most of the readers don’t know where to find those products), with keywords that can be automatically linked to pages where to find the product, some of them are external url, others are internal (specially those in ebay, aliexpress, dealextreme, etc…, which I regularly update with the latest prices). Here you will find a list of keywords (they will be updated when needed).

There might be also interesting to include an Excel file with BOM (Bill of Materials).

Finally, you must select the categories that you entry belongs to. You will find a list of categories, but if you consider necessary, I can include more for you.

Post, once published can be modified, however, it is advisable to first create a draft before publishing until I can review it.

If you want to allow comments in your post, you will find a check box for this purpose.