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ROFI, biped to humanoid robot


Rofi is the last robot developed in Project Biped. Here we modify Rofi, providing a boy and arms, so now it has become a humanoid robot.

The idea of my project consisted of print and assemble the Rofi Biped, to reuse on their legs and create a humanoid by designing a boy and arms.

Source: http://www.projectbiped.com/prototypes/rofi
Source: http://www.projectbiped.com/prototypes/rofi

This is Rofi, a printable robot, so only need 25 hours on a 3D printer and all the elements that comprise it (see the original project for details). You can also redesign any of his extremities and redesign it, as we did. You can download it here:

Within the website you will find information, videos, files, .stl, parts you need, and even a Blender Model of the biped.

An advice, before you print you will need to inspect and analyse the piece, turn it, repair it, measure it etc… NetFabb can help you with this task.

Steps to repair parts – a highly recommended step-:

  1. Click on “Red Cross”
  2. Then select “repair by default”
  3. And finally “replaced new part for the old one”

When we have our file “Stl” repaired, strengthened or designed, then we need to create the “gcode” to print our part.


SLIC3R, you can find many guides on internet where to find what each of the parameters that you can select in this program to print parts. Repetier is a program widely used in the world 3d printers, in our case a Prusa i3. We have a local service called FatLab Valencia where you can print your parts, I’m sure that you have also this kind of services either online or locally.


Here you have the photo of the legs after printing them. To design the body, so ROFI becomes a humanoid robot, I worked with SolidWorks. I searched over internet for solutions with printable parts using small servos to follow the same assembling scheme. Where the link between a part and another one is formed by an imaginary axis crossesing the servo shaft and ends up on his back with a bearing to allow rotation from one piece to another.

Photo biped rofi


If you want to manufacture it, these are the pieces that you need to print:

Also in Thingiverse.

Materials you need to buy online:

  • Screwdriver
  • Screws M3 x 20 mm
  • Nuts M3
  • M3 washers
  • 6 bearings 3 x 10 x 4
  • 6 servos Spring RC SM-S2309S

assemblingWithout title


  1. Insert nuts and servos on the two shoulders, left and right.
  2. Insert nut and servo in each one of the arms.
  3. The most complex step, is adjust all the cams to the servos bearing in mind that, according to their position, we can constrain the angle of freedom. After this set bearings in its crevices, always on the inside as shown in expanded detail. Together with the bearing washer between the workpiece and bearing, another piece and screw as well. Then introduce piece by piece, remain tight, and the cams remain embedded in their holes. Bear in mind that the front of the shoulders is the one that contains the cam.
  4. Finally enter the nuts into the two holes in the shoulder and one in the chest box that will serve to close the lid. This adjusted below and set through the upper screw.
  5. Not this graphically described here but would be in which set chest to bracket between both legs.


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